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Capability Building and Outsourcing Solutions
For organisations that are looking to build a capability in a specific area such Business Analysis, Testing or a broader gamut such as an offshore development centre, our staged model BIT (Build, Incubate, and Transfer) allows help meet client objects.

BIT is non-disruptive by design and ensures that we take adequate measures to align within budgets, profitability and timelines. The iterative BIT by BIT model is designed to address areas of business criticality in an iterative fashion ensuring both focus and avoidance of unnecessary disruption. We as a thumb rule and to reduce business risk recommend and work towards iterations of value not more than 20% of the total value. The objective is to become increasingly “productive” with each iteration.

The capacity of infrastructure (connectivity, resources, space) based on the future state is also scaled with time allowing for optimal use of OPEX. We however retain in the plan the ability to “double” capacity (connectivity, resources, space), at a short notice to cater to sudden increase in demand or change in strategy.

We have the ability and drive to undertake both “complete ownership” till transfer or “joint ownership” by providing thought leadership in each of the critical areas, such as

Assist with vendor selection, prepare RFPs/RFIs/RFQs, manage responses, collation and marking of responses, SWOT analysis, reporting back data to decision makers
Audit of outsourced services, contract review and document KRAs and track them and report back to client management team
Setting up offshore operations from ground up, including scouting for office space, recruitment, infrastructure, delivery process, HR and managing local government and STPI regulations and transfer operations once established (BIT)
Setting up offshore support organisations to run specific operations like, HR, Payroll, Training/Captive centre for specific skills
Creating capability areas such as Testing, Business Analysis, Project Management, Training
Training Academy and custom certification courses, that are aligned to your business and IT landscape, to ensure that quality of resources and knowledge retention is always high