How Exit Interviews Can Improve Your Business

As a business owner or manager, you should always be looking for ways to improve the way your business operates. One way to do just that is by scheduling exit interviews with employees who are leaving your company for other opportunities, as these interviews can provide valuable insights that you can use to make better decisions going forward. Here are a few exciting ways that exit interviews can make your business better.

Receive Honest Opinions

Employees who are leaving a business are much more likely to be honest when they answer questions than those who will continue to be employed there. This creates one of the most significant advantages of doing exit interviews. The increased openness of your departing employees can lead you to some highly useful insights into the day-to-day operations of your business that you might otherwise have missed out on learning about, as your remaining employees will typically be less inclined to be completely candid about their thoughts and feelings.

Find Areas for Improvement

Thanks to these open conversations with your departing employees, areas in which your business operations could be improved will likely come to light. It’s important to pay close attention in these instances, as even a simple comment from a member of your staff can quickly turn into an actionable item that can bring lasting, positive change to your business practices. This is especially true if you operate a larger business, where you and your other managers could be distanced from, for instance, those who work on the sales floor or in warehouse facilities, causing a disconnect in communication that could be preventing improved practices from being implemented.

End Things On a Positive Note

Even if an exit interview is the last interaction you believe you’ll ever have with a member of your staff, it’s a good idea to end things on a positive note. You never know what the future might bring, and these departing members of your staff could move on professionally in other organizations to the point that even a small past connection with them could be beneficial to you both going forward. This makes exit interviews an easy and effective way to keep a measure of goodwill intact between you and your past staff members.

Lower Employee Turnover Rates

Hiring and training new candidates to fill job positions is one of the most costly aspects of running a business. Exit interviews offer a proven method for reducing employee turnover rates over time, which can save your company a lot of money and keep your operations running more smoothly. Lowering turnover among your staff is as simple as asking the right questions during exit interviews. Doing so will help you to identify things that are making your employees unhappy and unmotivated, and in turn, make them much less likely to leave in the future.

These are just a few of the many proven ways that exit interviews can make your business run more smoothly. By helping you receive honest feedback, identify weaknesses in your current management methods, lower turnover rates among your staff and settle any differences or disputes that may exist before your employee departs the workplace, exit interviews create unique opportunities for your business that you should take advantage of. For more information on managememt best practices, please check out